Thursday, August 31, 2017

Owl Coven- Cosmic Void (2017)

Kneel down in reverence because Owl Coven has arrived with an EP that's ripe for worship! There are only two songs here, but that's more than enough to make you tremble before the ghastly sludge/doom sound that they conjure. The first track "Wanderer of the Cosmic Void" will serve as your introduction to their gloomy domain. It creeps along eerily, but has an almost dream-like quality that will set you adrift in a sea of stars. You'll be propelled by a deep, booming bass and pounding rhythms as a phantom guitar lead guides you through the dark. You'll hear some chanting early on, but this devolves into a violent yet subtle rasp that seems to reach from a place beyond your understanding, but can't quite burst through to consume you. The second song "Dying Mammoth" builds on the sound from the previous track, but with a 70s psych-rock undertone featuring a little bit of groovy bass and even more trippy guitar leads that occasionally slip out during this monstrous crawl. By the end, you'll probably find yourself in a daze. Don't worry, that's normal. These songs are slow, massive, and will still threaten to crush you, even through the cosmic fog. -Brandon

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