Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thugnor - The End Of Time (2017)

Thugnor is a Portuguese band that's been playing off and on for quite a while now - more than 20 years! Their previous works have been slow, destructive glaciers that draw from doom, death, and black metal to create a vile mixture of brutality. However, after a few line-up changes, they recently put out their second full-length album, "The End Of Time", which moves things in a more epic direction. Gone are most of the black metal elements and the death metal influence is diminished, leaving behind a heavy doom sound that is now fronted by powerful, soaring vocals. You'll still hear some death tone and chug in the guitar, but overall this is more akin to Candlemass than Asphyx. Big changes, but the results strike with the majestic fury of a dark god. Every song seems to gradually build up the intensity, so by the end of the album you're being hammered by divine metal wrath! The rhythm pounds with a force that will make your speakers shake, but you'll probably be too busy banging your head to notice. This album might appeal to a different crowd than their other releases, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - it's definitely different, but it's definitely awesome! -Brandon

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