Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sulphur Dreams - The Divine Anthropocene (2017)

Uttering an otherworldly howl out of Gothenburg, Sweeden comes Sulphur Dreams baring their fangs with their first album, "The Divine Anthropocene". What the fuck does Anthropocene mean? Well I looked it up for you - it's a term for the current geological era in which humankind is the primary force shaping the environment. According to the band, the title refers to the arrogance of man in its domination. Pretty cool, but it gets even cooler when you actually hear it. These songs are spellbinding specimens demonstrating fuzzed out stoner-doom that shifts around slippery and smooth underneath all the distortion. The guitar strings must have been coated in lube when they recorded this because every note seems to slide right into place, whether the song is an upbeat headbanger or is twisting into a gloomy, psych-dusted tangent. Some of my favorite moments here are when the band kicks into something energetic and driven like on "Babel A.D." or "Wisdom Hunters". This stuff makes me think of a reverb-soaked version of the Sword, and I mean that in the best way possible. But there's a lot of other stuff to experience across the album's seven tracks, and they touch on a lot of moods: mystic, nasty, sorrowful, frantic, thoughtful, and even more as you probe deeper. It hits a wide spectrum, so if you're into this kind of music, this is an album will probably capture you in one way or another. -Brandon

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