Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Krypts- Remnants of Expansion EP

Pure fucking Finnish Death/Doom. I can't believe I missed this one, and that's why I'm coming back to it. I've been drawn to a lot of Death/Doom lately, because it's a fucking great sub-genre. I'm a sucker for swampy sounding riffs, and bog like vocals, all played at a nice little crawl, so that you can enjoy that heavy groove. Definitely the bleak and crushing kind of stuff I want to hear. This shit is pretty relentless though front to back. Just because they like to resonate on the offensive noxious funk from the graveyard vapors when it comes to their riffs, doesn't mean they don't fucking hit back hard with slabs of tombstones. There is definitely some flesh on these bones, fresh or rotten, and often ventures into full on death metal mode, supplying chunky riffs from the string with copious amounts of blasts from the drums. Actually really digging the double kick on this one. It keeps my head bobbing to the endless stream of putrid riffs coming my way. The atmosphere on this  They are fucking ferocious as well. When they go full on death, they're like a wolf on the prowl in the marsh late at night maiming some small furry mammal. Ripping, and slashing, and smashing its way through bone and cartilage. When they riffs tend to be slower, they go for the throat. However instead of pulling away to rip it to shreds, they bite and clamp down to let the blood drain slowly in the red crescent moonlight. "Remnants of Expansion" is haunting, grisly, and barbarous. I'm glad I was able to discover this more recently, and I'm not sure I overlooked it. If you have in fact done the same, do yourself a favor and check this EP out, it's great! Cheers! -Samir

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