Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ripis - Monolith (2017)

Monolith, the debut album from Ripis, is a cacophonous symphony of miserable sludgy doom metal. With layers of slow, wretched sound each song is a mammoth capable of leveling mountains and ripping you apart from the inside out. The band provides a gargantuan sound - deep with scathing intent, practically inescapable. Most of the songs on this album are devastating with massive, crushing guitar tone, lumbering rhythms that will pulverize, and a limitless sense of grief. The vocalist does a great job of keeping things varied as you'll hear both impassioned gravel-mouthed shouts and spaced out singing. Every once in a while they take a step back with tunes like "Death Process" and "Solace". These are gentler featuring clean tones and echoing ambiance, but manage to amp up the already insurmountable level of sorrow. Once you've been wrecked by the savagery you'll hear on the other tracks, these ones really let the agony seep in and have you drowning in melancholy. The way everything comes together is bleak, but also majestic, like staring out across a thunderstorm. This one can be a soul destroyer, but every moment is worth it. -Brandon

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