Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tides of Sulfur- Extinction Curse

This release came out over a year ago, but I'm glad I stumbled upon because this is exactly the shit I'm into. Tides of Sulfur are definitely a Sludge/Doom band at its core, but they also have elements from other extreme metal sub genres like death/black metal, but also punk roots as well with some grind and crust peppered in. These guys have a filthy and nasty sound that is layered with copious amounts of detuned chugging, plenty of double kick and blasts from the drums, and a searing savage attack from the vocals. Each song comes at you like a biblical plague and engulfs you with locusts as they swarm your body. Hell-bent on destruction these dudes like a well-oiled machine bulldoze through every song letting the brick and mortar collapse and fall, creating heavy slabs of rubble and debris. This is where the heavy riffs lie. Within the crunch and the crumble, from being trampled upon. The overall atmosphere of this album is dark as fuck. Even the quieter moments on here are ominous and foreboding. The sludgy parts are definitely sludgy. No fuzz here, just straight sewage grooves here that ooze thick as tar consistency. The songs definitely got me hooked in as the riffs were pretty memorable and catchy as fuck. Overall I really dug this, and I'm glad I came across it. It really fits in with the other shit we've been reviewing lately in the sludge sub-genre, so hopefully you'll dig this as well. Cheers! -Samir

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