Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Monte Luna- S/T (2017)

Monte Luna play southern tinged Stoner/Sludge/Doom that is both heavy as fuck and soulful at the same time. These two dudes have some pretty toasty riffs here that are thick as molasses with vocal melodies that are so good and catchy as fuck, they prompt you to sing along with them. If I could put a finger on their sound I would say they sound like a cross between Goatsnake and early Torche with some Joe Preston era Melvins worship in there for good measure. While this self-titled release from the band runs at about 70 mins, there's plenty of riffs to keep you occupied, and they don't get stale. So you know, maybe roll a few joints instead of just one, when listening to this. The sludgy goodness on this one is gooey and syrupy. The guitar tone on this kind of reminds me of Tom G Warrior's tone from Celtic Frost's "Monotheist" album, and I think it's great sound. It's totally mean and rough, but when paired with the that southern fried stoner blues and it just seems like the right combination. The bass on this is really good in the mix. When it hits those low sludgy detuned notes, those are the moments I look forward to the most on this album. The drummer is really hard hitter for sure, and I don't mean from off of the bong. Every beat seems to add that extra punch that when these dude plays together just creates this very large and massive sound that tips the scales. I'm willing to bet this will be on my year end list. I mean it's for sure one of my favorite Stoner Doom albums of the year. You just can't beat the stoner riffage on this one. It's the kind of shit that gets your head bobbing as you feel that stoner groove the band is slanging at you. With every listen, this one kept growing on me. Well done dudes! -Samir

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