Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hell- S/T (2017)

Emerging from the doom laden landscapes of the Pacific Northwest comes the band Hell, who's music seems pretty fitting to the band's moniker. Hell (not to be confused with the NWOBHM band) plays some dank ass filthy Sludge/Doom with hints of reefer madness thrown here and there. Right off the bat you'll notice Hell's big fat sound. The strings come together to form this monstrous tone that sounds like it came from the rotten bowels of Godzilla. The band moves like a monster too, as it heftily meanders through murky swamps and dilapidated surroundings. By band, I also mean just one dude, since the music was all done by one man (MSW according to the bandcamp page). The dude's vocals are shrill and grating as fuck, which adds to the nastiness of the sound. At times it almost seems like he's caught in some kind of storm, or even like a locust swarm, and his agonizing cries become almost faint but just as ghastly and haunting. Of course not everything on here is just for the follower of the low and the slow. Especially when it comes to the drums. Granted the drums do end up playing your typical stoner doom beats, but there are the moments like when the drums start doing blast beats or starts doing straight double kicks throughout an entire riff that really set this apart from the rest. The end of the album also ends eliminating the distortion and going for a more clean yet somber sound, that kind of gives you a moment to take a breather, collect your thoughts, and think "What the fuck did I just listen to? That fucking ruled!". When you die and go to hell, hopefully the red man downstairs is blasting this shit while smoking a big fat doobie. I really liked it that's for sure! -Samir

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