Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Turbobobcat - Pentastar Rocket Ride EP (2017)

Blasting off from Catania, Italy is Turbobobcat launching their first EP "Pentastar Rocket Ride". Here's what you need to know: the cover has bigfoot hitching a ride on a rocket ship. Not only is that a reference to the lyrics, but it's also a great way to visualize what you're going to hear. It's big and gnarly, rumbling through the cosmos on a wild joyride! If you couldn't tell, this isn't super serious, it's all about getting a little bit goofy and loading up on the good times. Only three tracks here, but they're stuffed to the brim with stoner riffs and groove. These songs definitely have their own thick, heavy rhythm that keep everything moving forward and heads banging. Once the engines are roaring, there's no way to make this one stop - not that you'd want to! The tone has a bit of fuzzy crunch that really makes this EP a dirty beast, so expect to wind up with some scratches and tears by the end! But really, this one was built for fun, so don't expect to get hurt too bad. My only problem with this release is that it's too damn short! I need more in my life! -Brandon

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