Thursday, September 21, 2017

SHC - S/T (2017)

Most of the time psychedelic doom is a slow exploration of sound, with trippy guitar solos over colossal riffs, ambient space noise, and bottomless pits of reverb. SHC's self-titled album is happy to give you some of that heavy psyched-out goodness, but then when they're done with that they're kicking shit into overdrive. Typically, these songs start slow, building up delicious, vibrant riffs, but then devolve into a frenzied mess of unhinged guitar leads backed by punk rock fury. It's a bright, chaotic burst of wicked sound that will draw you into an beautiful sea of disorder, all without abandoning the malevolent doom at its core. There's very little in the way of vocals, but the pieces you do hear are black metal styled rasp floating around zoned out. I just can't get enough of the way this hazy doom spins out of control. It's like there's just too much destructive energy built up for the sound to stay stable, so it just implodes on itself over and over again. I can't think of anything else that combines slow, depraved doom and fast, hectic intensity so well - highly recommended! -Brandon

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