Friday, September 22, 2017

Shadowmaster - S/T (2017)

Three years ago, a massive crack split the earth just outside the city of Sundsvall, Sweden. From this fissure, a vile miasma poured forth and out crawled three wretched beasts. The trio formed a band called Desert Crone and recorded a filthy three track demo of sludgy stoner-doom (as subterranean creatures are known to do). Fast-forward to today and the monsters have renamed their band Shadowmaster and put out a self-titled full length album featuring the same vein of nasty sludged-up doom that they debuted several years ago. This shit is gritty like sandpaper that will wear down your soul - you didn't need that anyway, right? It's super distorted and hard-hitting with sharp tones to cut you deep so you can feel this at your core. There's a ton riffage and pounding rhythms that slam into you over and over again. The album ends with "Under His Black Skies", a nearly 20 minute song that builds up at a glacier's pace before making you dizzy with a series of far-wandering guitar leads that descend into noise. However, make no mistake: Shadowmaster is seeking to daze you with otherworldly music and drag you back to the foul hole that they crawled out of... But you should probably just let them do it. It's a really cool place.-Brandon

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