Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Lucid Furs - This Ain't No Mating Dance (2017)

The Lucid Furs are a musical whirlwind based out of Detroit playing unhinged rock 'n' roll that's ready to crash through your window and shake your spirit. Their first album "This Ain't No Mating Dance" is born out of classic hard rock, but has so much more built on top of it. Depending on the track, you're going to get flashes of blues, jazz, and psychedelic sweetness injected straight into the sound, taking it in whatever direction feels best at the time. Everyone in this band is a master of their chosen instrument and there isn't a single thing here that seems generic or phoned-in. They're each outstanding on their own, but when they come together on this album it's enough to make you dizzy. Every time you listen to a song you'll probably hear another little detail to appreciate because it's hard to take in all this greatness at once! However, the thing that will probably draw people in most is the vocals - they're deeply soulful and have enough power to knock you over, definitely a stand out feature. The guitar leads are going to snag some people too, sounding like they stepped straight out of 1974 just to bring that forgotten sound to a new era. This one definitely has "awesome" covered from all kinds of angles, so let it warm your ears and start a fire inside you. -Brandon

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