Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dragon Sunday - Tales to Terrorize (2017)

Step right up! Behold! Appearing before you seemingly out of nowhere is Dragon Sunday, extollers of stories both chilling and strange with their debut release "Tales to Terrorize". This one is loaded with horror-themed doom metal for those unafraid of the dark. Songs cover topics including Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Cthulu, and more, but be warned! This is not a quiet, creeping horror slinking along in the dead of night, but instead a loud and booming creature ready to step out in the open and show you all the things you have to fear. The band draws inspiration from traditional and epic doom to deliver a forceful sound that's been lightly drizzled with synth in order to draw out an eerie atmosphere. There is an overpowering melancholy to this album that will drag you down and leave you aching with woe - perfect for breaking down your defenses to let all of the terror crawl in. So sit back and let your sense of dread overtake you as the sound seeps in and blasts visions of horror in your head. -Brandon

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