Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Battle Hag- Tongue of The Earth (2017)

Ancient. Epic. Evil. Battle Hag. The band claims to originate from Sacramento, CA, but it seems more likely that they came from a realm far beyond our own, entering this world by way of an arcane, inter-dimensional portal. Whatever the case may be, they have combined their magicks with the folks at Transylvanian Tapes in order to deliver "Tongue of the Earth"; five monolithic tracks of death-doom carefully crafted with a somber but mighty tone. Instrumentally, the band presents a powerful doom metal sound, laden with sorrow and impressive layered guitars. Every track has been forged with a mystic energy and as a result the riffs and solos almost have a medieval mythological feel. On your first listen, you might start off thinking that this could be epic doom - until the vocals kick in. With deep, wicked growls slowly evolving into coarse, thunderous shouts the vocals are an explosive force tearing through each song with an unworldly pain. The whole package presents a deep, undying grief that resonates with a dark strength. Every track on this album is compelling, and even if you're not normally a death-doom fan, I recommend giving this one a try. -Brandon

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