Friday, May 19, 2017

Merchant- Beneath EP (2017)

Welcome to the dark and horrid journey to despair that is the new Merchant EP. Beaneth starts out pretty psychedellic and trippy (although still dark) before it really starts steamrolling over people. They play sludge metal that's as thick and black as tar, and as heavy as a fucking tidal wave of molasses. With only two songs both clocking in at under 15 mins each, this EP is pretty​ relentless, and crushes and flattens with it's monumental weight. The hulking monstrous guitars create a dark mountainous soundscape of filthy tones and mighty detuned riffage. The bass is grand like a fucking mammoth, solid and bulky, charging mightily and shaking the earth beneath (pun maybe intended here). The vocals are coarse and wrath like, cutting through the mix with the delicate touch of a rusty switch blade knife. Overall this EP is great, and you can add Merchant to the list of great Sludge/Doom bands from Australia, because they definitely deserve to be on one. Cheers! -Samir

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