Friday, May 26, 2017

General Grievous- What Do You Do at The End of The World? (2017)

General Grievous, who shouldn't be surprised if they receive a cease and desist from Disney/Lucasfilm play extreme sludge with hateful and loathsome malice. I get the feeling these dudes draw most of their influences outside of the sludge genre. However this is firmly grounded in sludge. While the production suggests something more slick, this is still filthy sludge that runs black through their veins. The drummer on this album plays at a very moderate to slow tempo, but plays with this frenetic energy and is fucking killing it with his double kick work. Maybe comparable to Mastodon's early shit, but this is even way different than that. I'm kinda scratching my head to think of who I'd compare them to, and I can't think of anything.  There's moments where the guitar and kick drum chug together as one, which is typical for metalcore, deathcore, and maybe even djent, but this is definitely not that. This is bulldozer sized sludge that is heavy as fuck and makes no compromises. It's dark and grotesque and moves very precise like a well oiled machine (not unlike the band's namesake). In fact I'm sure you could replace John Williams' score in Episode 3 for Grievous' major fight scene with the band's music, it would probably be dope as fuck and make a shit ton of sense. They are the aural equivalent of his entire existence. Also just throwing this out there, you know it's a great EP if you're waiting for the next song to start playing after their final song. Definitely a fan of this band. They kind of bring some elements into sludge that for whatever reason I don't hear very often, and I think that's fucking great and I hope they keep pushing in that direction. Oh I totally forgot to write these dudes are from Russia as well. So many good Doom/Sludge bands coming out of Russia, and these dudes are my favorites. Highly recommend this one! Cheers! -Samir

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