Friday, May 5, 2017

War Brides- Regrets (2017)

The first time I heard War Brides was in the basement at the 3rd Death Star in Ann Arbor, MI. Their LP "Burden" was spinning at the door and I was like holy fuck who are these guys? I also realized they had played there not long before I had listened to them, and regretted not checking them out. It's funny because their new LP is called "Regrets", however I don't regret having listened to this. If there was a modern band that came to mind it might be KEN mode, but that would be kinda lazy of me to suggest that, so I won't full on endorse that idea. They could definitely open for them, that's for sure. War Brides play really gritty and aggressive noise rock influenced post hardcore punk. It's hard to walk away from this and not think of stuff from Touch and Go Records and Amphetamine Reptile, but they walk away from it and fuse with the intensity of late 90s early 2000's post hardcore. The guitars cut through with dissonant melodies and jagged overly distorted chords. The bass pulses and it hits hard with walloping punch. The vocals are yelled and screamed with a preachy delivery. Like the singer is on a soap box ripping pages out of tabloid magazine and telling people the end is nigh. The drums beat, pound and whip the band into a fury with its angular patterns and rhythms. "Regrets" might be exactly about that, but like I said, I didn't regret listening to this, and I don't think you will either. Cheers! -Samir.

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