Wednesday, May 3, 2017

DEAD- We Won't Let You Sleep (2017)

I really love DEAD's sound on this album. They make the most of just being a bass and drum duo, and create a wall of sludge and fuzz. Conjuring something up that sounds like a combination of Karp, Big Business, Coady and Jared era Melvins, and a little bit of godheadSilo sprinkled in for good measure. The reference to the Melvins isn't too far off either as this was recorded with Toshi Kasai (longtime Melvins collaborator) and Kevin Rutmanis (former bass player of the Melvins, and now of Hepa/Titus) plays on a few tracks. Toshi also contributes to some tracks as well. "We Don't Let You Sleep" has a stoner rock vibe to it, but it's DNA is more linked with the bands mentioned above, and it's got an Amphetamine Reptile swagger going for it. Listening to this is like chewing into the most decadent candy bar of all time. It's chewy, with multiple layers of satisfaction, and a cosmic gooey thc infused caramel center that melts your mind. This release is actually the third volume of a trilogy, so check out the earlier two releases in the trilogy to get the full effect, but overall this album fucking rules and you should give it a listen. Cheers! -Samir 

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