Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stondar- S/T (2017)

I've probably written in here a few times that i'm not very big on instrumental doom. So when I find something in that genre that really catches my attention, I'm definitely interested. I really like how the sound on Stondar's "S/T" album is layered. Just mountains of sludge, fuzz, and detuned slabs of riffs packed onto each other, with a crippling bass sound that threatens to make it all collapse and crumble. However it doesn't. For being a duo, Stondar make great use of the studio, and just sound gigantic and huge like a stone golem or colossus. They are fucking massive and have the power of a rolling tank. Anything that stands in front of them is bound to get crushed by their overwhelming heaviness of their load. Nothing on this album is super repetitive, so the riffs don't get super stale or anything. Also this album is definitely not short of any grooves, and it's heavy as fuck. The riffs on here are thick and beefy and serpentine through the desert sand like a snake looking for it's next meal.  Definitely something of repeated listens here. I mean anything I review on here probably gets listened to a few times before I actually commit words to page, as it should. If I didn't like what I was writing about why write it? This one was pretty exceptional and enjoyable, and I feel like this one might be something I'll return to again much sooner. Highly recommended! Cheers! -Samir

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