Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beastmaker- Inside The Skull (2017)

Well sad news today... Chris Cornell died last night in Detroit. I'm sure many of you reading this are fans of Soundgarden music or have been affected by it in some way or another. "4th of July" will always be one of my favorite Soundgarden songs and Thou's cover of it is so fucking crushing. Anyway, on to the review. RIP dude.
Loudwire posted the full album stream of this yesterday and I was like how could I not listen and review this album? When I heard "Lusus Naturae" for the first time I was like "Wow, my new favorite band!" I was instantly sold. The songs were simple and straight forward with no filler, and they're catchy, heavy, and sinister as fuck. The songs had the atmosphere of an old Hammer Film. There's a lot of dread and foreboding in the tunes, all accompanied by Trevor William Church's ghastly yet melodic sung vocals.
"Inside The Skull" picks up right where "Lusus Naturae" left off. What you get here is nothing but horror infused doom laiden heavy riffage and it fucking rules! Only difference I can hear right off the bat that kind of separates it from the previous release is the wider use of dynamics, and an underlying NWOFBHM influence that I may not have picked up on the first album. However you can really hear it in the solos and they fucking rip on this one. I'm not much on solos unless they add something to song, and Church's solos are top notch.
This album is all about the evil riffs. This is one way I feel Beastmaker separates themselves from the rest. They have a retro sound that appeals to the Sabbath lover in me, but its thick and heavy and they manage to make it their own rather than just being another copy. They write good and memorable riffs, that you can hum and band your head to. Plus I found myself even singing along to some of them chanting "Abomination... Of God's Creation", Overall I probably don't have to convince many of you to listen to this, as you probably were going to anyway. I fucking dig it and its one of my favorites of the thus far. This is going to be on repeat for days! Cheers! -Samir

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