Monday, May 15, 2017

Eartheater- S/T (2017)

Emerging from Ange, Sweden with mouths full of dirt is Eartheater. Thankfully these guys managed to stop munching for long enough to record a potent self-titled EP that we can enjoy before they completely devour the planet. It's loaded with dirty stoner metal featuring an awesome gravelly guitar tone and cymbals that hit you like a whip. Eartheater has a versatile vocal style where each song is a bit different. You'll hear clean singing, group shouting, wretched screeching, and more- and it's all done really well. The guitar leads are mini masterpieces that seem to sing alongside the thick, unhinged sludge of the rest of the band. I love the sounds on the second track "Baptized in Bongwater". The whole song seems to tremble and ripple but without the delicate notions that those terms normally carry. This one's really good-take the time to listen to it before the band swallows the world whole. -Brandon


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