Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Psychotic Depression- Thirty Hours Work Or Less (2017)

From Scotland, Psychotic Depression brings us their first EP "Thirty Hours Work Or Less". Drawing strong inspiration from classic doom metal bands like Saint Vitus and The Obsessed, this recent release does an awesome job mimicking the greats stylistically without straying into "copycat" territory. It starts off with a prototypical slow, lumbering track "Screams of The Demented" which immediately highlights the band's influence and shows you where they're coming from. Afterwards the songs begin to pick up speed, each being a little quicker than the last. "Forget The Night" starts quiet and moody with just drums and then bass, but then the chorus brings in the guitar and the full force of the song hits without any mercy. "Killer Kills Killer" is the longest track, beginning with a mid-paced guitar lead but then drawing back the tempo halfway through the slow, mammoth riff. It ends with the energetic "I Died" which manages to touch on some punky tones without abandoning the doom or desolation- the frantic guitar solo on this one really gets me. All in all, these four tracks are a great showcase of traditional elements of doom and i'm looking forward to seeing where the band goes from here. -Brandon

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