Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Burn The Chapel- Phases (2017)

Shrouded in a plume of putrid smoke is Burn the Chapel - a one-man stoner/doom baron from Detroit - and it smells like there's something new burning. "Phases", his latest EP, is a dirty, instrumental riff mammoth intent on leaving you in a tepid haze. The release is composed of four original songs, plus a re-released bonus. Almost everything on the first three is played with a long draw - perfect for spacing out and letting the music put your mind out to pasture. The guitar solos chirp with tons of classic rock flair, pairing perfectly with the slow churn underneath. Afterwards, the title track starts with a similar style, but halfway through it shifts and the song simmers with something a little more modern. "Monolith", the bonus track, was lifted from an earlier EP, but it's been redone for this release. Once you hear it, you'll totally understand why - it's an awesome, desert-tinged sonic journey with a monstrous solo. It's something that will really have you wandering the soundscape, so it's worth putting out twice! There are some serious fumes coming off of these tracks, so if you need to get lost in your head for a while Burn the Chapel can show you the way. -Brandon

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