Friday, June 23, 2017

Norska- Too Many Winters (2017)

Norska features members from the band Yob, and while there might be some sonic strands of their DNA in there, the band's brand of Sludge is more in line with Red Fang and High on Fire. Given the artwork of "Too Many Winters" don't expect any bong worship on this album. The art reflects the cold darkness that prevails throughout this release. Unlike the usual stuff we expect from Yob the music has more uptempo moments and moves with a sense of urgency, which is not your typical doom metal pacing. The riffs are fiery and slightly blackened, with touches of dark atmospheric psych. There are times when the music does pull back to play slower, and I think that it gives those moments more of a chance to ring to let the vocals shine through and be more melodic and create great harmonizing parts. Speaking of which, the vocals aren't too harsh. I mean they're screamed and growled, but there are also those moments where there's singing, and it really ties in with the song and doesn't stand out as being obnoxious or out of place. The guitars and bass have a gruffness to them but not anything overly distorted. Overall, great shit coming out of Oregon when it comes to doom. Keep up the good work! Cheers! -Samir

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