Friday, June 2, 2017

No Funeral- Misanthrope

No Funeral play miserable, pissed off, detuned sludge that resembles the album's title and is definitely misanthropic sounding. There's hate oozing from their pours in the form of festered black pus that reeks of rot and bodily decay, but you take a whiff anyway to see why it's so rotten. The band play old school sludge that would definitely peg them in there with Grief, but there's a stoner vibe in there that peaks through every now in then. It's hard to tell if these dudes actually worship the Iommic one, but it sounds more like Sabbath by way of Bongzilla when it gets to those stoner parts. There's definitely some meat on these bones, and the sandpaper vocals rubs this sound raw creating a gnarly mix that is satisfying. The guitars have a septic bowel churning feel and is about as smooth as spreading chunky peanut butter with a rusty knife on hot gravel. So that means I'm digging it. The bass is heavily distorted which it should be for sludge, and altogether creates a cornucopia of doom fit for any scum bag fuck face out there. I've received word that there will be a No Funeral/Livid split down the road and I can't fucking hear it. This album was killer, and if you haven't heard it yet you should definitely do so! Cheers! -Samir

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