Thursday, June 8, 2017

Meatwound- Largo (2017)

My introduction to Meatwound (who features former members of Combatwoundedveteran and The Holy Mountain) came last summer when I discovered their debut "Addio". What I heard was a combination of metallic hardcore and noise rock with the foot on the gas. They sounded like they could be on Amphetamine Reptile, but on steroids. Meatwound picks up the pace even more with "Largo". It's a full on cleaver attack to the senses that sounds like a mesh of Coalesce and Unsane. The rhythm section on this release is the true heroes of this album. The bass and drum wind and swerve while maintaining that tight noise rock swagger that's familiar to 90's music fans. I mean I feel like all and all this is a Time Warp to the mid to late 90s. It retains all of the aggressive, frantic, and abrasive tendencies of the time and puts it through a meat grinder. Going back to that bass sound though. Holy shit, you couldn't ask for a better sound for this band. It's classic, and definitely recognizable to fans that era of music. It's fucking distorted and just fucking pops. It does harken back to similar sounds created by The Jesus Lizard and Unsane, and it's quite satisfying. I've spent plenty of time talking about the noise rock connections, but this band has it's roots deeply connected to Hardcore and Metal. The vocals are barked in an aggressive fashion, and the band moves as a whole with the precision and strength of a bullet train, plowing over and crushing anything in its way. If you're​ looking for a meaty combination of noise rock and hardcore (I wouldn't quite call it noisecore), chew on this gnarly​ piece of animal flesh. Cheers! -Samir

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