Thursday, June 1, 2017

Void Commander- Shrooming Widow (2017)

These dudes bring the bass heavy fuzz for sure. Not like super maxed out like Truckfighters and Fu Manchu (which I like), but a nice rumbling low end that will pull you into the void itself. Void Commander just has this classic stoner sound, that's like a good mix of Blue Cheer and Sabbath. There's a little 70's hard Rock in there and maybe a few strains of Sleep, but not enough to be annoyed with or to simply point the finger and scream "copycat!". Void Commander have tasty riffs and deep stoner grooves, while also not forgetting those who have paved the way for them to be producing the kind of music they're making. Let's not kid ourselves, stoner rock isn't exactly the most original sub-genre of music out there, and is quite derivative of a very particular body of work. However Void Commander strike me as a band that can serpentine in and out of those conventions and just make killer music, which is what I definitely would like to hear. Plus there's something a little sinister going on here which is something I'm always drawn to. The slightly​ twisted riffage from the bass and guitar blend well with the smoke trail vocals of the singer. While the music evaporates into the ether the drums pound and beat but keep a retro sound that's in line with the rest of the sound and moves and flows quite nicely. It would be neglectful on my part not to mention the harmonica as well, which makes a few appearances here and there. Plus the sweet licks from the lead guitar we're fucking ripped with that stoner almost southern rock vibe. Overall, if you have an hour and fifteen minutes to burn a few (or all day to shroom), this is the perfect album for you to do so. Highly recommended​! Cheers! -Samir

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