Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Howling Eye- Dying Sun (2017)

Reaching from beyond the blackness of space (or maybe just from Poland) is The Howling Eye with their debut release, "Dying Sun". With a slow stoner/doom rumbling you'll be sent swirling through the cosmos to probe the depths of the universe. But you'll soon realize that you aren't just taking a tour of a bunch of bright, beautiful galaxies - there is a dark presence that creeps among the stars. Sure, this expedition is fueled by heavy riffage, but that will occasionally be supplemented by bleak guitar chimes as the bass grumbles some low threats. There's a deep resonation in everything you hear with fuzz and feedback that fill in the gaps, as though you're feeling the vibrations in radio frequencies traveling through the void. Putting the stoner space trek aside, the band even attempts to bring the concept of a hidden track to the digital age. Although the Bandcamp page only lists three tracks, buying it gives you one extra piece entitled "Jam". It's 18 minutes long and more experimental than the other songs with some unique tribal sounds - definitely a nice bonus. The whole release is awesome if you need something to guide you through the night sky, just be prepared for something insidious. -Brandon

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