Friday, June 9, 2017

Heavy Traffic- Plastic Surgery

I heard "Plastic Surgery" when it first came out back in December, but the limited edition white and green vinyl came out last month so this review seems appropriate and long over due. The first band that came to mind when I heard "Plastic Surgery" was Comets on Fire. These dudes just have this fiery explosion about them that was reminiscent of that band. You can tell these dudes are more into Blue Cheer than they are Sabbath. Heavy Traffic play Heavy Psych Doom Rock that has a fuzzy stoner vibe to it and seems fit for a garage. Think Fuzz or even Mudhoney with a slightly sinister twist peppered in here and there. The musicianship on this record is fucking phenomenal. The riffs are catchy and memorable, while the sweet licks from the lead guitar fucking rip, and weave in and out of the fuzz clouds coming out of the amps dissipating into the ether. The vocals are hazy and have that ghost trail quality I often hear in psych music. I'm actually not a big fan of all the psych doom stuff coming out lately and that's probably reflected in what I choose to review. However, this shit is the real deal. If I wanna hear that type of music, this is the kinda stuff I wanna tune into. Highly recommend, and you should definitely check this out! Cheers! -Samir

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