Monday, June 12, 2017

Elder- Reflections of a Floating World (2017)

Reflections of a Floating World, the newest album from Elder, is going to take you on a trip. This won't be your typical Sabbath-worshiping, journey through the riff-filled land - no, this is more complex than that. It is an expedition to a unique, extensive soundscape that was born of stoner rock but evolved into a prog-heavy serpent, fluidly snaking its way between diverse musical passages. Each of the six colossal tracks on this release weaves a sonic tapestry, constantly moving forward into new territories and scarcely looking at where it's been until the song is complete. The guitar does work its way into a girthy riff from time to time, but you'll also hear a lot of indie rock twang that brings a more elegant, fragile tone than you might be expecting. The addition of the keyboards creates an ambiance that solidifies the delicate nature of the sound while also unifying the various elements you'll hear. Although I'm sure many will try to deny it, this album manages to hit on some post-hardcore nerves that resonate throughout each song. If that thought doesn't scare you off, your trek through the floating world will be a rewarding one, filled with rare combinations of intricate sounds twisting themselves together in the shadow of progressive rock. -Brandon

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