Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lilith And The Serpent / Coffin Hag- Split (2017)

My head is spinning as a darkness falls over Minot, ND - ground zero for this potent split from Coffin Hag and Lilith And The Serpent. Both bands are masterminded by Bukavac Per, a mighty metal architect whose solo work is menacing and remarkable in its own right. However, this particular record is ready to ensnare you with a creeping tendril and drag you down into a murky sea of psychedelic doom. As opposed to a traditional "you get half, I get half" structure, the six songs on the album alternate - one from Coffin Hag then one from Lilith And The Serpent. As a result, you get a heavy, trip of an album that feels like one whole, collaborative work as opposed to two smaller ones pushed together. The bands are similar enough to pair extremely well, but they are also distinct enough that you won't confuse them. Both are doom-driven monsters that blend elements of psychedelia seamlessly into heavy music, but Coffin Hag brings a lower, dusty sound with flat male vocals, where as Lilith And The Serpent is more dynamic and features female vocals that are gentle, eerie, and ethereal. The two styles complement each other with wicked perfection. Taken together, they produce a cohesive piece of art that will let your mind wander the shadows to explore the void and capture glimpses at an unreal beauty. Let it go. -Brandon

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