Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mang Ont- Vohk (2017)

Like the scalped coat of a woolly mammoth, Mang Ont are warm and burly as fuck. When these guys move there is definitely a low end rumble that shakes the Earth below their feet. Their riffs are as beefy and mighty​ as King Conan himself, but with Conan getting so stoned out of his gourd that he sits in silence on his throne just staring out into the vastness and the great responsibilities of his kingdom. I believe this is the music he hears in his head. This is great instrumental stoner doom that is both pummeling yet fuzzed the fuck out. Altogether their sound is pretty tasty. When the riffs get massive it feels like you're being trampled under a stampede. There's but of ambient noise that's in the mix that kind of fill in the voids, and really add to the experience giving it an almost ethereal and other worldly feel to it. I'm really into the lead/melodic guitar parts on this, since they added a lot of character to these songs. They may not have been noticeable on the first listen but on the second and third it really caught my attention. I'm not particularly drawn to instrumental doom music, because it often time seems to be too repetitive. Mang Ont weave you into their sinister web, and keep you in a trance for the duration of the journey. It's a savage and barbaric one, so make sure you pack enough joints to make it to the end of this high fantasy tale to enjoy the cave paintings of doom and gloom. "Vohk" (which stands for mammoth's tusk in Estonian) is a killer fucking album. Highly recommended! Cheers! -Samir

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